Refuse to login

Hi, me and my friends just installed Comodo Easy Vpn. that worked fine, we could login and stuff. Until we took a break and did something else. After the break we tried to login but now none of us could login, it just keep stand Signing in…

Hope you could help me so soon as possible.

Best Regards Jeremia Koivisto.

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I’m having the same problem now, except i’ve had CEVPN for a month now with no problems what so ever.

Yes, I have searched all forums but cant find any solution to this problem. Tried google too but no clue whats wrong yet.

Wow, two years ago and no solution!!

I am having the exact same problem. Logged in just fine the day I installed it, and now, nothing. It stays on the “signing in” screen and does nothing.

Can’t someone please address this? What good is the thing if there’s no help or support for such a common issue?

it looks like comodo login server got a little hiccup. works fine now :wink: