Refund Request (Valorant and Comodo)


unfortunately Comodo and Valorant are not good friends. Even if i deactivate the comodo fully (all the futures of Comodo), Valorant is still not starting. After i uninstall Comodo, Valorant doesn’t start. Unfortunately i am asking for refund.

Order Number: 42624342-1

Thank you.

I understand that there is a game that cannot be launched?

If comodo was uninstalled correctly and the game still doesn’t start, the problem may be with the game, the system or something else. Incorrect use of the comodo program may also lead to various situations. So you would first need to verify the problem and not immediately demand a refund.

Yeah Valorant is most popular FPS game right now and it has some problems with Comodo. A time ago there was problem again but i guess Comodo solved it. After i uninstalled the Comodo, Valorant works perfectly.

I got my refund immediately anyways. Thanks.