I just installed Comodo Firewall Pro in my PC and I wanted to know how well it was protecting me. I went to PC Flank web page and did all the tests. Well, Comodo is just perfect in all test except on “referrers”. My browser shows to everybody where I’ve been before. Supposedly, Comodo could block such thing but I have not been able to find out how to make it do it. Does anybody know how to fix that problem? I would appreciate any responses. Thank you.


Hi and welcome, timbaler.

CFP does not block referrers because it’s not a true firewall function. It should be left to the browser, in which case I still don’t recommend blocking them because a lot of (legit) sites need them to work. Sometimes they may not function properly and unfortunately it’s not going to be obvious (there are no error messages; the site just doesn’t completely load). Referrers aren’t security threats. More of a privacy concern (like cookies in a way).