Reducing Bandwidth

I’m using Comodo ESM along with the Comodo Offline Updater. The computers seem to update every 5 minutes which is far more excessing than I’d like. Especially once 80 machines are using it. A lot of excessive internal bandwidth.

I’ve gone into the Offline Updater and have changed the refresh frequency to one hour (3600 Seconds) but I still feel that 80 computers checking the update server every hour is still going to cause a lot of unwanted traffic. I’d like to change this to update once daily but 3600 seconds is the maximum. Even if this refresh rate actually affects the frequency the server itself goes online to check for updates, I still think hourly is excessive given the quality and success of the AV. Am I missing a trick here? Should I be changing via policy on each machine or is there a best practice I’ve overlooked.

Also I’d like to suggest that in the next version of the offline updater, the refresh timeframe is changed from seconds to minutes at least, even hours.

Secondly to this, I’ve monitored our cisco router. It shows that each installation has a connection to Comodo servers. Is this necessary as they do all update through the offline updater?

Keep up the excellent work though guys!

Hi SinrG202. I forwarded your post to our support department and got back the following to your two issues:

  1. CIS update frequency is too high.
    There is a way to set up a custom schedule for CIS update:
  1. In CIS UI go to Antivirus - Scanner settings - Uncheck “Automatically update virus database” checkbox
  2. In ESM console create task “CIS - Update AV/binaries” and select preferred schedule
  1. CIS keeps connection to Comodo update server even if it was set up to update from Offline Updater.
    It doesn’t happen if CIS is properly set up to update from Offline Updater and Offline Updater contains all update data. As troubleshooting we can suggest user to look for errors in Offline Updater requests log

Please feel free to contact our support team directly or through LivePCSupport to troubleshoot further.

–Glen Marianko
Product Manager


create 2 script with the following command:
net start “comodo Offline Updater Service” and net stop “comodo Offline Updater Service”

schedule them in the windows scheduled tasks and set the time and frequency that they operate