Redirecting internet traffic to one network card ....

I will try to to explain what i would like to do and why in a clear way (hopefully).
I have two network card that are connected to different networks.
a) wireless, usually connects at 11Mb (bandwidth limited to ~20KB/s), ( addresses), everything works well but bandwidth is limited
b) wired, 100Mb (bandwidth limited to ~60KB/s), addresses, voip calls do not work well because UDP gets blocked somewhere along the way (i can’t change that, i’m just the student at my school).
From my experience windows chooses the card with the faster connection to connect to the internet, so when i want to use msn or skype to do calls i need to disconnect the wired connection so windows uses the wireless one (this is very boring).
what i wanted to do is to force skype and msn to use wireless and let all other traffic flow through wired connection. Is there any way i can configure comodo to do this?
Thanks in advance.