Red sign over tray icon

Hello, Could you explain why the TRAY ICON has a STOP SIGN superimposed over it - a RED CIRCLE with a RED LINE diagonally across.
I opened the firewall and it said everything was working O.K. and I did not have to do anything!
I am a basic newby and I am worried what is happening.

Open CIS (CIS = Comodo Internet Security) > “Miscellaneous” > “Diagnostics”. Did that find anything?

If not, I need this info:

What OS do you have (Vista, XP, etc)?
Do you have any other security programs running (Avast!, Norton, Avira, Spybot Search & Destroy, etc)?
When did this start?
Do you have the Anti-Virus part of CIS?

Welcome. :slight_smile:

It’s a bug. It will be fixed in a future update.

Hi, Thanks for promp reply.
I have xp and have the latest AVG antivirus.I also use adaware .Windows firewall is turned off .I have only installed comodo firewall.The problem usually starts a few days after installing.sometimes the application agent stops running although this has not happened on the latest installation but still got the red circle.

Ok. So does this happen all the time, or just every once and awhile?

Try running Comodo Registry Cleaner then restart.

All the time

Does the registry cleaner help?

It happens when you open another user’s Windows profile. As far as I can tell it’s nothing to worry about because a leak test still gives a perfect score.