(:AGY) What the hell is this?? shit!! how do you fix it?? its infected my burner and my C: drive it redirects your web searches to never never land and in some instances posts a window nope you cant go there either.

My friend downloaded something and it executed an now I theres problems. For years with the high speed modems nothing ever hit pc’s the way this did…any one have a clue on how to remove this effer?? From what I understand its a worm and its out of control!! I downloaded malwarebites and it showed 20 problems but in order to remove the items it cost you $25.00!! Help us Melih your our only hope… ITS NOT EVEN MY COMPUTER!!

Malwarebytes is free to scan n remove.

Also use SuperAntispyware free version( scan n remove is free)

Run Dr.Web Cureit also

Find any autorun.inf files on your system/ USB drives and delete them. Which AV you are using BTW.

Hi ZiggZagger420, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

But I would follow aigle’s advise too, to scan for other malware as well :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.