Recreate Certificate to import in IE


I have created a free eMail Certificate. I have made the registery for that email with the firefox. I receive the email with the certificate etc. I have install that certificate in the firefox.

But i cant backup this certificate. I can export the key(don have one), and the certificate is not on the personal, but on the other people.

I cannot install this on the IE because i get the error

Attempting to collect and install your Free Certificate…

ERROR 0x80092004

I have checked the problem. We cannot download the certificate with the firefox first. If so then we cannot export the cert, or we cannot import into the Personal area.

I have create in the site, another Certificate(with a different email) with the the IE, just to test.

All is ok, i have created, save, backup and import this new certificate. Then i can import into Outlook, and firefox.

But i need the first certificate. When i tried to create another with that email, it says that already exist one.

So my question is, how can i create, or import a new certificate for this email(domain) to the IE? If i create a new i can import, but since already exist, i cannot import.

Any help?



Please revoke your current certificate by submitting the ticket in the following link

After revoke, you can able to re-apply the certificate with correct options