Recovery in the latest update as an option?


Does the Comodo updater offer a true pause-recovery mode if someone has to disconnect from the internet and continue the download? This is an awfully big update for dial-up. I noticed that all the files were being deposited into my temp directory, so a recovery mode would seem to make sense rather than starting all over again.

In my case, I was forced to disconnect during a 2nd update (!!!) and so I paused the update according to your interface controls. I reconnected a few moments later and was quite dismayed to see that the interface was reporting that it was now going to start updating again from ground zero. This would not appear to make a lot of sense if 44% of the files (as your interface had been reporting) were already safely downloaded to my temp folder.

Thanks for your attention.

Would it be easier then instead of using the updater, to download the installer from the website and use a download manager? This way the download manager would be controlling the resuming of the download (assuming the download servers support resuming) instead of relying on the updater to resume.

I think CIS should support Resume Supported on the updater for people on slow connections. That is more elegant than people having to figure out to use a download manager to download the installer.

Yes, that is very true.

I was merely stating that since many on slow connections are apparently unable to update their CIS install due to disconnections and such, a download manager will give them the ability to update now because the download manager would give them the ability to resume downloads.

It is odd that the download server does support resuming where the update server doesn’t.

Yes, that does seem odd, but I suspect it is more a function of the updater than the server.

Thanks all for what appears to be a poll on my comments regarding a possible need for better update options. :slight_smile: