Recovery Disc and loosing Comodo Firewall

First of all, I must say that I love this Great Programme. I downloaded it about a month ago and with the help of this forum I have been able to adjust it to my needs (L)
Unfortunately, my new computer has become very unstable (which has nothing to do with installing Comodo…with freezing and hanging a regular occurrence. After speaking to my dealer they have suggested that I put in the supplied Recovery Disc and take the computer back to the state it was in when I got it…they believe that the problem is an unstable software application (that I installed ) is the problem (and not their Computer…they would never admit it was their Computer was the problem)!!!
I am willing to do this (as I want it sorted out once and for all) but I will loose Comodo and all my settings when I install the Recovery Disc.
Can I copy all the Comodo program Files onto an External Hard Drive and then when I put the recovery Disc in and loose all the software (including Comodo), can I then paste the Comodo Program Files back into the Program Folder of the C Drive? Will that work? Or will I have to install Comodo over again?


I don’t think that just copy files will work, as you don’t get the stuff in the registry.

But you can use this backup script to save your Comodo-settings:,2366.0.html

And then can you do a clean install of the firewall when your system is ready.