Recovering my history and profile

Following the radical change to the forums I couldn’t log in or reset my password as the email address that I used originally is dead.
I signed up for a new account, got the email for confirmation and clicked on the link. Ironically, I was immediately in as my old password word was still valid!
Now, what I would appreciate is if my original username (giraffe), history and profile could be restored, as I have a few hundred posts.
Is there a way of doing this, please?

Hi Giraffe,
Is your old profile this one ?

Profil > Giraffe

If yes, only an administrator can help you
Contact one of them by private password

Thank you ZorKas; now I have to find an Admin.

Administrator (AdamJacobMuller)

Hi Giraffe1,

Thank you for reporting.
Could you please send us your old forum account detail with registered ID via pm ? so that we will check with the related team and update you.