Recover Process Failed With Code 1

Hi! I have a big problem at Windows XP, with Comodo Backup ver. 3.0.171317.130. As I wrote in subject, when I try to restore my backup, this cause (Recover Process Failed With Code 1) happened… have no idea what to do with that… Please help!

Hi Please post a screenshot of the issue and some more details as:

  • what type of backup are you trying to restore (disk/partition/files&folders)
  • other non-default settings you might have used in restore steps 2, 3 and 4.


I try to restore 2 partitions (C: D:), created into one backup file. Here are screenshots of all steps:


There is a GUI misrepresentation problem that leads to this error. You will need to execute a script in order to perfrom the restore operation.
In order to do that you will need to create a .cbs file with this set of commands:
/restore_operation /backupfiledestination “<full .cbu file path>” /destinationtype 1 /restorelocation

The argument after the /restorelocation command will need to be the disk on the system that you want to be restored. You can extract the disk number from the disk management tool (My Computer > Manage > Disk Management). So it may be like something ‘disk0’ or ‘disk1’.
The <full .cbu file path> parameter will be G:\ADAM\Disk_0_full_disk.cbu in your case (As I can see from the screen shots).

You will then double click the .cbs file and the restore process will run normaly in the Comodo Backup interface.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have no idea how to create this .cbs file… any help?

Just create a txt file with the mentioned content and change the extension to .cbs.

It use to have any specified name? I created this file and after double-click nothing happened…

What are the contents of the file?

The correct way would be:

/restore_operation /backupfiledestination “G:\ADAM\disk_0_full_disk.cbu” /destinationtype 1 /restorelocation disk0

This will restore all the data to disk 0 as represented in the disk management tool. Keep in mind that this will overwrite all existing data on the destination disk.

Houston we’ve still got a problem… I have done what you said, system ask about restart and start restoring when it starts… Program estimate 6 hours to end of the process, and after 2-3 hours, error appeared ImageShack - Best place for all of your image hosting and image sharing needs … I do what it wrote and after computer restart I’ve got “disc error” - both partitions were destroyed… So I reinstalled system and try to restore again, and error came again… but this time one partition is restored and looks like good restored, but on the second (more important for me) there’s still nothing… what should I do?


Is by any chance your backup file on the same disk that you want to restore? Please run a verify operation also on the backup file if you can.


Backup file is on other (mobile) hard drive. Verification of the file is ok.

So what should I do with that?


How much memory do you have installed on your computer?

Thanks you.

4 Gb

Maybe there is another way to recover my files? I don’t need all of those files really. Just few folders.


You can mount your backup image as a virtual disk.

As there was an existing issue with the mounting feature for full disk backups you will need to replace a specific Comodo Backup file on your system in order to do this.

Copy the file contained in the attached archive in your “C:\Windows\System32\drivers” directory. Accept to overwrite the old file and restart your system. After reboot, in the Comodo Backup interface go to the Manage tab and then the Mounted Drives section to mount your backup. It will then appear as a virtual disk attached on your system. The partitions on it will be shown in Windows explorer.

The attached file will only work in Windows XP 32 bit (as I have seen in your previous posts) so if you now have a different OS installed please let us know and we will supply you with a different version of the file.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have already install WINDOWS 7 Professional, so what now? :slight_smile:

Is it 32 or 64 bit?