Recommended Apps

I am needing your recommendations on some utilities that have been proved to be both effective and safe in the following catagories (either freeware or commercial):

Windows Cleaner

Registry Cleaner and Optimizer

Defrag & Optimizer

Secure delete of files and free space

Undelete and Recovery of deleted files

Thanks for your help.

CCleaner(■■■■-cleaner),link at bottom is probably the most used Windows cleaner,explore the advanced settings for 35pass Gutmann cleaning.
Also check out Revo uninstaller

The list goes on if you search the forum a bit.


ps Look HERE

NCleaner (:m*) (:m*) (:m*) (:m*) (:m*)
Ccleaner (:a*) (:a*) (:a*) (:a*)

Defrag & Optimizer
[url=]Auslogics diskdefrag[/url] (:m*) (:m*) (:m*) (:m*) (:m*) [url=]Iobit Smartdefrag[/url] (:a*) (:a*) (:a*) (:a*)
Secure delete of files and free space Undelete and Recovery of deleted files
[url=]Revo uninstaller[/url] (:m*) (:m*) (:m*) (:m*) (:m*) [url=]ZSoft Uninstaller[/url] (:a*) (:a*) (:a*)

Please note :

  1. Stars are personal eXPerienced based
  2. all products are freeware


Just wondering: why do you not like Zsoft that much?

I say it’s better because it has

  • more features
  • it find left-over keys from previous deinstallations also…


& why do you think NCleaner is better than CCleaner?

nCleaner deletes more. Though CCleaner is safer :slight_smile:

Because :

  • it gives you tweaking abilities
  • ccleaner is for “less eXPerienced people” that don’t know what to do with their computer or just people that want to stay safe


Even though I generally recommend CCleaner, I suspect it has ruined the Windows Installer function on my dad’s computer. I’m not sure though. Personally I’ve used CCleaner hundreds of times without any problems whatsoever.

For secure deleting of files and empty space, check out Eraser. It’s also free.


Harddrive defrag: JkDefrag (free software)

Glary Utilities,

is the best in the west, because it has over 15 tools!!!

it does:

Windows Cleaner

Registry Cleaner and Optimizer

Defrag & Optimizer (registrie)

Secure delete of files and free space

Undelete and Recovery of deleted files

and a lot moooooreeeeee… (:LOV) (:LOV) (:KWL)

Hi bobicool

Does Glary Utilities have an option to backup and restore if you are not happy with what it cleans? What about an option as well to do a reg. backup before deleting?



reg backup yes,

complete backup no. I recommend the windows backup.

Thank You


Thanks so much for all the great advise and leads on good apps.

On another forum, someone suggested jv16 Power Tools as well as Glary Utilities. I know that jv16 is not free, and that is OK.

I am wondering which is most effective and safest in dealing with the registry either Glary or jv16?

All replies will be appreciated.

Do you think it was the registry cleanning that may have done the damage?

I’ve been thinking a bit more of it, and I still don’t know what’ve happened, but I’m leaning towards the theory that RegSeeker was the cause of the damage…


I’d be more leaning to think that RegSeeker was the culprit, CCleaner never deleted anything improperly that I know. It’s what I use and I don’t care that there are programs that delete more, my registry isn’t slowing down my computer. Greyowl, when deleting files with any of these programs, be sure to know what you’re deleting, since you may miss it later, and remember that erasing the index.dat files is pointless.

For defragmenting I used JkDefrag for a long time, but eventually I found out that if it’s really faster than the Windows defragger (even though it uses the same APIs) is because it neglects free space defragging. And once that has bult up, the minute after you’ve defragged with JkDefrag, any sizeable newly created file will be broken in over 100 fragments. :-TD I now use the Windows defragger, that defrags every file on my disc, including the critical system ones, with one sweep, in 15 minutes (not fast enough?). Again I don’t care about defraggers with more features, they cause more disc usage than they prevent, and I don’t think I’d notice the difference in speed.

Thanks for the information and advise.

I don’t quite understand about JkDefrag. If there is free space, there would not be anything there to defrag would there. JkDefrag also optimizes the disk to allow room for temp files on the faster part of the disk and to put apps on the fast part of disk. Is this of any value? I am quite interested in your comments because I have been giving JkDefrag a try lately.

Yeah, I like JkDefrag. Could you tell me more about JkD Japo?