Recognizer v1.9.0.52 for Comodo Cloud Antivirus (RC)

Hi All,

We have made recognizers v1.9.0.52 available via test server for CCAV.:

On top of previously released recognizers v1.8.0.56, following are additional malware families covered:

[ol]- Backdoor.Win32.Fynloski.A

  • TrojWare.MSIL.Agent.~ADE
  • TrojWare.MSIL.Immirat.~A
  • TrojWare.MSIL.Injector.~RVH
  • TrojWare.MSIL.Kryptik.~IPG
  • TrojWare.Win32.Kryptik.~CJRF
  • TrojWare.Win32.Dropper.Small.~NMM
  • TrojWare.Win32,PSW.Zbot.~AB
  • TrojWare.Win32.Kryptik.OVM
  • Worm.MSIL.Necast.~AA
  • Worm.Win32.Kasidet.~AR[/ol]

Steps to test:
Have following entries in Windows hosts file(c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts)

Run manual updater, in case you are using latest CCAV version, although it would say “no updates available”, it will still update recognizers as that’s in auto update and also updated whenever you run manual updater. We need to improvise like CIS to explicitly show as what all is updated. Once updated, you will see recognizer version via About interface as shown in enclosed CCAV_Recognizer_v1.9.0.52.png

Looking for product stability while using this recognizer.
Please run applications in Sandbox and report if you see anything abnormal.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.


Updated w/o a problem. Browsers run well in Sandbox (FF, IE11 & Opera), plus several small apps. Will continue with major ones

I’ve found that after changing the Hosts file and updating to the new Recognizer, then reboot - everything works fine

Once the Hosts file is changed back, the Recognizer then reverts to the original as shown. Is this the expected behavior?

Yes, we have not released updates in production yet, we plan to do tomorrow, 14th Nov, 2017.
So it downloads latest, based on whatever you are pointing to testing or production.


Thanks Umesh . . . I have run the test Recognizer since the 8th and no problems at all with Sandboxed apps or stability

Updated to production version. No problems

Thanks for checking out.
Updates have been released in production.


Please check out new recognizer:


Hi Guys,
Please check out v105 recognizer:


Got it and running . . . on both!

Thank you checking out.