Recognizer v1.7.0.38 for Comodo Cloud Antivirus (RC)

Hi All,
We have made recognizers v1.7.0.38 available in CCAV for following additional malware families on top of previously released recognizer v1.6.2.15 in alert mode on test server:

New Malware Families Covered:

[ol]- TrojWare.Win32.Downloader.Banload.~CXAD

  • TrojWare.Win32.Downloader.Banload.~CXAE
  • Worm.Win32.Prolaco.~C
  • TrojWare.Win32.Injector.~DLSS
  • TrojWare.MSIL.Spy.Omaneat.~BLR
  • Trojware.Win32.Merond.~AA
  • TrojWare.Win32.Ransom.Petya.D
  • Cerber[/ol]

Steps to test (If you don’t have CCAV Installed):

Step - 1: Download CCAV Setup

Step - 2:

  • Have following entries in host file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts):

Step - 3:

  • install CCAV

Step - 4:

  • re-start after scan as offered.

Upon system re-start you should see new recognizer version as shown in enclosed snap.

Steps to test (If you do have CCAV Installed):

  • Have entries for test server in hosts file as mentioned previously
  • Change system date one day ahead
  • Re-start system and you should see new recognizer version

Note: Manual Updater is coming in Aug release of CCAV. So it will be easier going forward.

Please give it a try. We are expected to release this set based on feedback by 17th Jul, 2017.


Updated with this new one . . . everything working well

Recognizer v1.7.0.38 has been released in production.


Recognizer v1.8.0.56 for Comodo Cloud Antivirus (RC)