Recognizer v1.13.0.220 for Comodo Internet Security (RC)

Hi All,
Following Recognizer v1.13.0.220 is now available for your review and feedback via test server before we decide to release in production.

On top of previously released recognizers v1.12.0.170, following are additional variants related to different malware families covered:

[ol]- TrojWare.Win32.Rescoms.B

  • TrojWare.Win32.TrojanSpy.Ursnif
  • Satyr Ransomware
  • Quant
  • BugWare Ransomware
  • TrojWare.JS.TrojanDownloader.Agent.ALP[/ol]

Similar set is made available in Comodo Cloud Antivirus section as well.

Steps to test:

Step - 1: Ensure you have either v6223 or above of CIS installed
Step - 2:
Either modify host file with following entries:


alternately you can also add entry as shown in enclosed snap ‘HostSettings_for_Update.png’ under “Advanced Settings → General Settings → Updates → Proxy and Host Settings” link.

Step - 3: Run updater from CIS interface and you should see new recognizer as shown in enclosed snap CIS_Recognizer_v1.13.0.220 under “About → VirusScope Details”.

Step - 4: From “Settings → Advanced Protection → VirusScope” please deselect “Monitor only the applications in the container” checkbox, this will ensure all processes are watched and will be good test for stability.

Step - 6: Run your popular applications and watch out if you see any abnormal CPU / RAM usage, if you do, feedback is appreciated with system details and active applications.

Please check it out and share your feedback.


Edit: umesh: rectified for version.

Don’t see a 218 there Umesh ??? ?

Thanks, rectified.

Is it supposed to be 218? I have 220.

Fixed, should be v220

FYIP, this is in production now.

Thanks for feedback

Hi All,
Please check out latest v1.14 and share your feedback: