Recent update of Chromodo working poorly

Chromodo has been working flawlessly for me for quite some time, but since the recent update (version it’s been almost unusable. Many websites are not loading properly, loading very slowly, scrolling poorly, or not loading at all. The website would not load after five minutes of churning. I had to use Comodo Ice Dragon to access this forum. My operating system is Windows 7 Professional SP1.

Checking the Task Manager, 25%+ of the CPU and 35% of the RAM were being used, with several Chromodo entries showing heavy use. I’ve had my computer running nonstop for the past 24 hours with many browser windows open, so I think that was the problem. I closed all the Chromodo browser windows and let it rest for a minute to discharge the CPU and RAM, then started it up again and it now seems to be fine. Sorry about that. I should have checked the Task Manager before writing my initial post, but just didn’t think of it at the moment. You can delete this thread if you want to.

There is no need to delete it. We are not in the habit of doing that. Somebody may find it useful in the future.

Since upgrading to Chromodo version I have problems with some sites taking an eternity to load or not loading at all and when opening Chromodo for the first time it can take ages before I get a browser window. Usually 5-10 mins but sometimes longer.

I have checked task manager and the chromodo entries are using 0% cpu and appear to be be doing nothing at all. Overall CPU usage is also low so there doesn’t seem to be any reason why Chromodo isn’t doing anything. This happens when the PC is freshly booted. Once the first one does start other instances open instantly. My laptop is running Windows 10.

Not sure how can solve this problem aside from installing another browser.

Hi nickb,

  1. Try running the ‘Run Programs made for previous versions of Windows’ wizard under programs in troubleshooting found in Windows Control Panel (Icon View).
  2. Click next to detect programs and select Internet (Chromodo) then click next.
  3. Select try recommended settings and test the program.
  4. If the issue is solved, close Chromodo click next and save the settings.

Kind regards.

Thanks for your reply.

I did as you suggested but alas when I clicked on the “test program” button the result was the same. It took 11 minutes to show the cromodo window.

I was watching in task manager and there were 3 cromodo entries sitting there doing nothing, the overall system disk & network 0%, memory 52% and CPU 0-30% so essentially Idle.

After 11 mins the window opened and a pile of other cromodo entries joined the 1st 3 in the task manager.

All was fine on previous version


Hi nickb,
I am not sure what is happening.
I would try a complete new re-install including Chromodos user profile.
Be sure to save important data, bookmarks, etc, before removing your user profile.

Another thing to try would be the portable version, just to see if that has the same issue.
Note: The portable version is independent from the installed version.
Downloading and Installing Chromodo Browser-Comodo Help
Portable Version-Comodo Help

Kind regards.