Receive Encrypted Emails from a person - How ??

Hi All:

I have created an email certificate and have installed on Outlook 2000.
I now have sent a digitally signed email to a friend who also Outlook. From this person I want to receive encrypted emails. This person has stored my email id in Address book as a Contact.

What needs to be done now for this person to send me an encrypted email.
This person does not have any comodo email certification of himself.
Does he require his own email certification also?

How can he send me an encrypted email?
Please suggest in steps and help me in getting this to work.



Try this:



Garry, if you follow the url posted in your answer, have a look at the last paragraph. This actually contradicts the main theme of the article. Also it doesn’t work as it says.

I have sent a signed email to a client who has stored it within her ‘Contacts’ list. She is unable to digitally sign or encrypt her reply to me, nor can she sign or encrypt a new email to my address. A message comes up telling her she needs her own Digital ID Cerificate to do either action.

Probably she tries to sign and encrypt the mail. Storing your certificates public key should enable her to send you an encrypted mail. But for signing she needs an own certificate with a secret and a public key - for signing the secret private key is used and anyone who has the public key can verify the signature.
For encrypting you need only the public key and only the person(s) owning the secret private key can decrypt it.

The article is completely right - but you have to differ between the certificates. Your own certificate contains a private/public key pair. If you sign a mail, a certificate containing only your public key will be attached - this enables the receiver to verify the signature - and since he now owns your public key, to encrypt a mail which can only be decrypted with your according secret key.
The other way round - your certificate contains your public key - so your encrypted mails can only be decrypted with your secret key. If you want to send an encrypted mail to another person you need his public key. Your own is of no use…


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