I have been trying to receive e-mail security certificate from Comodo since a week. after providing required information, and getting message certificate is sent to your mail id, no mail is found to my mail id

i have tried by formatting the pc, but no use. i am yet to receive the mail of certificate, which is still lying with support comodo.

i had a detailed talk with your support, but in vain. kindly suggest solutions for getting free mail certificate, since i am loosing business to a great extent.


What exactly is the problem?
you applied for free email cert but you did not get it?
Do you have a spam filter of some sort? Sometimes spam filters kill these emails?


This should be addressed to the support team via email.

Your certificate collection email has been resent today to

As Melih mentions, make sure you have no filtering in place that would stop you
receiving the email.

Garry Bickerton
Head of Global Support and Customer Care Manager

let me tell you, i am receiving all unwanted mails regularly. just a mail from comodo support containing e-mail certificate is not received. what problem is there, i do not know. i have formatted my pc twice to get the mail. i have quick heal anti virus with latest version.

i created a new mail id and applied for e-mail certificate, which i received immediately. i installed it but my main mail id is, the certificate to is not working for other id.

i am not an expert in computer technical topics. however, i tried every thing, but no use. kindly help, so that i will not loose my business.

Please address this to the support team.

The forum is not the best place for this request to be handled.