Reasons - Not to use the cloud.

And by the cloud I don’t just mean Comodo’s cloud - but any cloud.

For ages now everyone has been going on about ohhh is it cloud enabled etc, but have any of you thought about the inherent risks of what you are doing?

You are storing your Data on a Medium firstly which is prone to outages, if any one part of the chain be it your Telecom Provider, your ISP ( in some cases your Telecom provider and vice versea ) has a fault you loose access albeit temporarily to your data, if your data is business related that can mean some serious money.

If any part of the chain from you to the destination comes under IP attack - you loose access to your data, If the Cloud go forbid is hacked - you could permanently loose your data or worse it could be corrupted without your knowledge. With the NSA sticking it’s nose into everything how secure is this data anyway?

On top of all of this - even if you have no issues with accessibility, reliability and security there is the issue of speed, an internet connection is still no where near as fast as accessing your local hard drive.

I personally have lost data in the cloud, luckily not important data and not a lot but since it went I have not had one iota of success in getting it back and that was the Microsoft cloud.

So I recommend you do what I do.
At a bare minimum back up the changes in your PC daily by backing up new/changed files.
Every Week perform a new full backup in a two weekly rotation.
If there are any files that you will need from a backup quickly in the event of a problem store them on an external hard drive.
And finally - and this is where it should sit - back up those important files to an offsite location or friends house or if no choice use the cloud.

I think it just makes sense that the cloud should be the port of last resort and not a main stream storage pool.

I agree about the storage part. I don’t feel comfortable or safe storing my data in the cloud. I do feel however that a cloud infrastructure in security apps is a definite necessity these days.

Here is how overcome some of the issues above:

  1. outages: “cCloud” automatically synchronizes a folder with your online storage. This means that the folder can be accessed offline.

  2. security : You can encrypt your data as .cbu files using Comodo Backup customizable encryption (algorithm + encryption key). Encrypted cbu files can’t be decrypted without the encryption key.


That why i still backup my personal data to a PC I have a external Hard drive that backup my important data

There are disadvantages of using a local device to backup your data:

  1. Theft - Your computer and external drive can be stolen.

  2. Environmental Problem - Fire and/or water can destroy can destroy electronics of any kind.

That is why I use the cloud. The data is isolated from the PC.

I use both. I use the cloud to back up my important files, and encrypt those which I am extra cautious about. I then also keep local backups, both images and of the important files, on an external hard-drive. That way if either of the approaches fails me I always have the other to save myself.