Reason CIS + Avira


Today, when released new CIS, i have one question.
I have 2 PC (XP and Vista), both pc have CIS (without antivirus) & Avira Free Edition
XP Limited user, Vista - UAC, both default browser - firefox.
No spyware scanners because they don’t find malware on my pc.
This combination i use 1 year.
Avira also relax because i didn’t see malware on my pc also ~1 year, virus alert = zero activity, but updates = splash window.
Why avira?
Why comodo?
Should i need to trust and use avira av + CIS w/o av, or CIS with av and forget avira?
Where are reasons from avira?
Where are reasons from antivirus on my pc?

Thank You!

I use CIS as my main real time scanning AV, but still use Avira (and a few other products) for on demand scans.

I have yet to see any proof that CIS isn’t completely capable of keeping my system clean all by itself.

In other words, neither Avira or my other scanners have picked up any malware that CIS missed.

Comodo easily because I believe in the mind set behind the entire operation; layered security with prevention as the first means of defense.

That and it’s name doesn’t start with an A like Avast, AVG, Avira and so forth… O0

Avira has better Heuristic detection at this point in time.

I fix and repair pc’s for a living. I have never seen an infected pc using Avira. Comdoo makes the best firewall out there but Avira makes the best anti virus. Your best bet is to have the best of both worlds. Install CIS but only the firewall with max D+ and install Avira 9 Free. I can also tell you how to make Avira Free update every 4 hours and how to successfully block “avnotify” using D+.

i tried to disable avira pop up window, D+ it do, but every time when it update, D+ killed ~15 avira attemts, and avira show me another little window, that some update cann’t update and please restart computer, each restart question for each update, and my story with disabling avira pop up window end…

You need to read my post in the Avira section. Works like a charm. See reply #21.

See my post here on how to make Avira update every 4 hours.

Screen shots of D+ blocking “avnotify”.

Thank you, Vettetech, very much for advise!
Tomorrow i upgrade CIS and boost avira.

Your Welcome. ;D

I use Avira as the on demand scanner because CIS gives WAY too many fp’s. For example I just scanned my computer with Avira and it was totally clean. Right after that I ran a scan with CIS and got about 500 or so false positives… not good. Basically, CIS systems scans can not be trusted yet. Until then I will keep Avira as the on demand scanner.

You mean that you will keep Avira as your REAL time scanner and use CAV as your on demand scanner. ISnt that what you mean?

I don’t have any problems with CIS as the real time scanner, just as on-demand system scans. I only use Avira for complete system scans as I like to keep my system resources a bit lower by not running the Avira services.

Thanks Vettetech for your Avira tips. Very handy :-TU.

Thanks for this one.

To prevent the Avira nagware windows, I use a different way. I have modified the system permissions. You still have the update notification window. It is straight forward if you have admin privilege.

C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\avnotify.exe
permission for avnotify > SYSTEM > Permission for SYSTEM > DENY: Read and Execute / Read > OK

Also Avira does not let you modify the profiles scan but you can edit new profiles at will. I am not sure if I can post the link from the Avira forum here, but PM me if you need the link for reference.

profile scan? If you mean the scheduler I successfully changed the updater.

Not that. The predefined scan profiles e.g. the “full system scan” are not modifiable. Even if the user try to change the scan settings in configuration for n’ given profile (except Manual Selection), the settings will not be applied and they will revert the default Avira settings during the scan.

The best way to bypass this limitation is to edit your own scan profiles. the Avira profiles are text file extension.avp

It is good to know that we can still use CPF without its antivirus, I also prefere avira and got scared when I saw it only available with built-in av.

Can I leave its av enabled together with avira? or do I need to disable it? and how to disable comodo antivirus?

Best not too…no comments please :-*

For disabling the real-time AV in CIS go to Antivirus->Scanner settings->Move the slider to “Disabled”