Rearrange Settings Tab/sections for Defence, hips, sandbox (see pic)

1. What actually happened or you saw:

See picture

2. What you wanted to happen or see:

See picture

3. Why you think it is desirable:

Since HIPS is alway in the background “silently” protecting COMODO/windows etc, we could call this Defense+
and that hips settings that is not directly required to have hips enable to function could be moved to Defense+ section, e.g protected objects, etc
i think it would be more easy if the settings is categorize this way and in my mind it looks more “professional”.

4. Any other information:

a member with a similar wish.

I think user Should add programs to exclusion or add files to User Trusted Files list (e.g unknown files added by user) and Not be available to add unknown to COMODO Trusted files list that COMODO decide to be trusted.

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alternative layout, move sandbox to its own section and remove defense+ and keep hips as it own section.

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The first looks interesting. Having the list “application list” of file sorting, add or enable the addition of the group HIPS in the protected object tabs, without the need to create these existing groups;
To use the “list of files or applications” of the file classification by the rules of the HIPS module, you may want to “advanced users”. (Reputation files could continue as is provided to allow integration with the rules of the HIPS module);
Separate the exceptions of the sandbox application policy to be isoloados, it seems to be good. But as the current work?

Would it be this?

COMODO would function the same with the new layout except you split Auto-Sandbox to Sandbox Rules and Sandbox exclusion, same for Trusted List → Comodo trusted list and user trusted list.

Due to majority of No votes this wish is being moved to Rejected.