Realtime, no Overwriting Backup?

I have only just started using CB, as through my online research I found it was the only application to fit all my criteria - however, even with these forums, google, and the help files, I have been unable to set CB up the way I require - perhaps you can help?
I would like a realtime backup, which preserves folder structure. I want changed files backed up, but not to overwrite the previous file - ie via filename change or folder change. I want an unlimited number of these non-overwriting backups.
I am backing up multiple folders from my local drive to an external drive. Compression or encryption is not neccessary. Still backup files that are in use (I think this is Shadow Copy?). I would also like these backups to occur in the background without a nag screen before or while each file is being backed up in real time.
Is this possible - and if so, what settings should I use to make it happen?
Sincere regards,
Ryan Carmichael