Realplayer downloader in Comodo dragon

I enabled my realplayer downloader extension(for recording videos off of youtube) in incognito mode and it still doesn’t work. When I put my mouse over the video, the download feature won’t show up.

What am I missing here?

I also noticed something else, I clicked “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups” and yet I’m still being redirected when I go to certain pages. Adblocker in Firefox didn’t have that problem, what’s wrong?

(By the way, thanks to the moderator for moving my thread to the correct forum.)

I am having the same problem. IE didn’t give me any problems downloading videos with real player downloader.

In incognito mode, type dragon://extensions/ in your address bar and make sure the required extension is ticked/enabled for incognito mode.

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That just takes me to the same place I got to thru “options” and “extensions”. Like I said, it’s already enabled and I checked the box to allow it in incognito mode. Still no dice, it won’t work.

Sorry my mistake.

Does anybody else have any idea? :frowning:

And why isn’t “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups” working either? 88)

Still no answer about the real player downloader ?? Does anybody have it working? If I want a video I have to use Internet Explorer where real player works.

I’m running CD 15.0 on Windows 7 64bit.

I am trying to find a downloader that works so that I can download from Youtube and other websites.

I have 4 extensions enabled:-
Freemake Video Converter 1.0.0
New Tab Redirect 1.0.3
RealNetworks Downloader Extension 1.0
Ultimate Youtube Downloader 111.1

Just cannot get the downloaders to work despite them being enabled and wondered if any other forum members had got a downloader working.

Any information would be greatly appreciated please.TIA.

To download youtube videos in any browser:

When viewing the youtube video, type “save” (without the quotes) RIGHT BEFORE “” and hit enter. EG, you are viewing YouTube, make the url like this: VDownloader | Free Youtube Downloader & Video Converter

If you dont wanna navigate away from the page you are viewing, just right-click on the tab > Duplicate, and do it on the other tab.

Thanks for that, brightness.

Your method works great. I also installed the Youtube Downloader Extension which places a download button underneath the video being displayed.

What I find interesting is that Comodo Dragon is supposed to be a rebadged Chrome browser however the Real Player extension works in Chrome but not in Comodo Dragon.

Also Real Player does not appear to recognise Comodo Dragon as it is not listed in the Real Player Download Preferences area. I can see Internet Explorer and Google Chrome but not Comodo Dragon.

Just hoping that Comodo and/or Real Networks can sort out the problem promptly.

By way of a followup to my previous post, I wondered if anyone had got the Real Player plugin working with an earlier version of Comodo Dragon.

Or perhaps an earlier version of Real Player that works with any version of Comodo Dragon.

Anybody got a workaround on this please?

Tried YouTube Video Download? :wink:

Yeah, but what if you wanna download videos from places that aren’t Youtube?

Link is toast…

Well, depending on which site.

offers downloading of many sites, so you may give it a try.

I keep getting THIS… “Error Check Video Url or Select Always Trust & Click Run in Java applet”

I DID click “always trust” and there’s nothing wrong with the URL. Sometimes I can’t believe my luck.

Well, I must say that there aren’t much sites that can allow you to download from ANY/ALL sites.

This one can download from YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Break, Veoh, MySpace, Revver,, WeGame, Tangle, 5min, Game Trailers,, FaceBook, Vimeo, current, Funny Or Die, eHow, Megavideo. It does NOT support

Installed downloaders may be another option if you like:

It supports 56 sites. But the default lang is Chinese. After launching (Start > Video Downloader, and the icon is an “M”), click on the menu at the left-bottom corner and select your preferred lang.

Pay attention to the download destination folder. By default it is C:\download.

I have been using this freeware program and it’s very good. I have avast 6 and Comodo firewall installed and the program does not have virus/trogan etc (unless you download it from sites other than the official one).