Really Slow Downloads [closed]

Dear members,

I have a DSL internet connection but when I download a .exe file, it crawls at 16KB/sec.
For the QuickTime Installer.exe 19MB download, the file took about 20 mins. to finally download. This slow downloading happens with all .exe files I try to download.

When I changed my Comodo Pro firewall Security Level from “Custom” to “Allow All” and tried the exact same download again, it downloaded in a flash.

So, two questions:

  1. Why is Comodo Pro slowing down my .exe file downloads?

  2. Where/How can I configure Comodo Pro to allow .exe file downloads without having to change the Security Level from “Custom” to “Allow All” and back again each time I want to download something?

Appreciate everyone’s help.



Hi Mike, welcome to the forums.

Does an component of CFP use more CPU (cfp.exe or cmdagent.exe) when you’re downloading an EXE? Is there anything logged in CFPs Log (Activity tab)?

Wild guess… it might be because lots of IP packets are fragmented because of an incorrect TCP setting or something like that, and its causing an over-head in CFPs protocol analysis (you can turn bits of it off in CFPs Advanced tab). Are you familiar with the packet sniffer WireShark?

Edit: Sorry I moved your topic. ;D

Sorry guys. I must apologize. My previous post was not correct.

After clearing cache and trying the download again, I’m still getting slow downloads with the Security Level set to either “Custom” or “Allow All”. Doesn’t matter. Download is still crawling at 16KB/sec.

Also doesn’t matter if I use I.E. or Firefox.

So, it’s not Comodo Pro apparently.

Does anybody know what could be causing this? I have DSL, so I should be getting at least a 256 KB/sec download rate.

Is there anything else I could check before I assume the problem is with my DSL provider?


It isn’t always the fault from the firewall, it could be also a slow download link or you’re on smallband (you have downloaded to much (:TNG) )

Smallband could be because the download is (when I have it) limited to 20 kb/sec.

Hope i could help

I really don’t believe this is a firewall issue, as Xan says, maybe you have exceeded your download limit on which ever service your use, or perhaps the link your using is just slow…

Try to do some tests from some other sites, preferably, trusted, high bandwidth sites

I also have DSL and I’m receiving 1 meg with my 3 meg service at best >:( (but that’s because I live too far away from the CO). Since when have you been noticing the slow speeds?

Two sites I personally run a lot tests on:

If we can confirm it’s not a CFP issue (check the logs) then should this thread be moved elsewhere?

I also have DSL and I'm receiving 1 meg with my 3 meg service at best (but that's because I live too far away from the CO). Since when have you been noticing the slow speeds?

Live’s unfair Soya ;D

I finally got to the bottom of this. It’s definitely not Comodo.

My ISP is having problems.

Thanks for everyone’s help.

Just as a sidepoint, you mentioned earlier that you should be getting at least 256 download speed. ADSL transfer speeds are affected by the distance from the exchange that your phone line connects to, and are affected exponentially - rule of thumb is 2.5 miles from exchange = 50% decrease, 3.5 miles = 75% increase. Also, ADSL is grossly affected by line noise.

The upload and download figures quoted by ISP’s tend to be the absolute maximum you would get if you lived inside the telephone exchange and directly connected your ADSL modem to the DSLAM. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

The Central Office (CO) is located about 200 kilometers aways from where I live. That’s about 124 miles, so I’m getting over 100% decrease :o.

CO??? But how far are you from the POTS exchange your DSL connection is linked to?

I don’t know (maybe 100 km), but it’s definitely far away to the point my ISP said my line doesn’t fit my 3 meg service (:AGY)

Apparently I’m off topic and the issue has been resolved because Mike has found the cause, so I’ll just hush :-X now and lock it.