Really, really, really clever device!!!!

Quck, intuitive, extensible - beautiful in design and execution!!!

Ewen :slight_smile:

my only problem with these keyboardless devices is that I am a touch typist :frowning:
using them for me becomes very inefficient…however i can see how this will help many…

Bluetooth keyboard Melih. :wink:

yes…full size one…but that means i have to carry 2 different pieces :frowning:

I bought an Ipad for my wife, its nice…but for lightweight stuff (at least for me anyway)…but i really do see the potential for these kind of products to many people. i like the tablet nature of this kno product.

I thnk the idea is brilliant. An e-reader is, primarily output only - similar to an iPad - a media consumption device. This allows data output AND input - a media consumption and generation device.

Yep, it looks great.

The only problem is if it breaks (like my eBook reader just did) - you’re stuck, I guess. You don’t have your textbooks, notes, or anything until you have it repaired. (Unless you have a laptop, though.)