Really great start

Hey, I’ve been a Comodo user for years now and I have been using Lookout for a past couple months and have been getting a little tired of it. I’m kinda sick of Lookout constantly pushing you to pay for features, and when I saw that Comodo had released a beta security app for android I jumped all over it.

I’m curious though, there’s a youtuber named Languy99 who did a review and virus test (Comodo Mobile Security BETA - YouTube) of Comodo Beta on an android emulator, and needless to say the results were… not good. It was only able to detect 2 samples out of the entire batch he had. Some people in the comments seem to think that this is because he was using an emulator and not an actual phone, but I’m not sure. He seemed to indicate that there might be a problem with the definitions, but again I’m no expert with regard to this stuff.

I also just want to finish and say I’m really psyched that you guys are bringing comodo to android, and I really hope that you release it to the market soon. I really hope you guys make Comodo as lean and tight as possible, because memory is so precious on a lot of these android phones.

Props guys!

Read it here:;msg563639#msg563639

Languy is one of our fellow Mods. He is quite fair with his reviews I must ad.