REAL SIMPLE - Save All Settings!

Options to Save All Settings - ALL!

If you want to include separate item selections, include Cookies, History, Passwords, Plug-Ins (don’t tell me it can’t be done, Androids do it every day! You get a new phone, it will automatically install all the programs you had on your old one), etc

This isn’t brain surgery people …

Hi DeathStalker77,
If you want all settings and preferences, you can manually copy the entire user profile.

Kind regards.

Yes, I did that (and have done that) - I kept getting the error: Size of IV is larger than text to decrypt -

Deleting those site-specific cookies appears to have resolved the problem.

That said, I still think it should be easier

Hi again DeathStalker77,
I am in no way against an inbuilt easy export/import option, it is a good idea. :-TU

Kind regards.