ready to purchase but not sure if any other than corporate can answer my ?

     I have been trying to learn the program, changing settings and seeing what happens.  Having done this a few times I realized that I could keep repeating and still not get anywhere.  My conclusion is that the default intent of Comodo is exactly opposite of mine.  In saying this I realize that I may not have a clue about how to achieve my goal.  Example.  I performed an exit of Comodo - icon no longer in the tray, yet it was still trying to get to the internet.  Additionally, when the box came up that Comodo was trying to get to the internet I chose block.  After that I could not get to the internet with my browser or email program.  I am a user of computers not a programmer and in that arena if a program is written to stop work the hammer falls and falls hard.  I had to uninstall Comodo in order to use my email and browser.  

      In purchasing Comodo I have several goals, the first is to block every program  from going outbound and do it as default, not after the chickens have flown the coop.  My exception of course is my email, and browser programs.  I realize that there may be some programs that are required to run, like services in the Configuration Management of the computer, and that I would have to manually update some programs.

      If this is not practical with Comodo I would appreciate knowing I will go on my merry way.  If it is I would appreciate a step-by-step tutorial, and I am sure that it would become a best seller.


Exiting from the tray icon will only close the GUI. CIS’s protection continues, but you will no longer get alerts.

I think you are a little confused about the messages you’re getting. It’s not Comodo that is trying to access the internet. The firewall is telling you that something else is trying to access the internet and asking what you want to do about it.

So it sounds like your web browser and email applications tried to access the internet, and you blocked them from connecting, thinking you were blocking Comodo.

Edit: Chiron from the forum has a nice setup guide here.
How to Install Comodo Firewall