Ready for prime time?

i dont think ctm is quite ready yet imo. programs like these need to be rock solid…i dont think this is yet. there are too many problems at the boot level yet.

i always make sure my machine is ready to be flushed and fill at a moments notice. literally…most people dont though…it doesnt seem to play nice with the disk and boot section of windows

HI, v941726

In our latest build, we have some hotfix and this build is proved to be more stable. Please feel free to use CTM, and if you have any questions you can come here and we will try our best to help you. Thanks a lot for your feedback!


thanks. i think ill wait though

Proved to be more stable” trashed my HDD.
I agree with the OP. You can’t release software that makes a computer unbootable. No excuses.
Your canned comment is it’s important to always have a backup. I know that. If I had daily backups I wouldn’t need your program.
I have been a registered user if Rollback RX - EAZ-FIX for years. I know what I am talking about.
You need to pull down your downloads and get this thing to a stable beta before more computers are ruined.

yes. not ready yet

where did it move to?

It’s in the NEWS section. Not sure why it fits better here.

it seems your right. they’re hiding it.

Poorly hidden, in Feedback/Comments/Announcements/News 88)

i wonder. why there?

Because that’s where it was supposed to be all the time.

Software releases are supposed to be posted as a sticky in the ANNOUNCEMENTS section of each board.

this wasnt an announcement. it was a thought. this is where i meant it to be. if anything, its more of a discussion

I also had problems with CTM. I would hope that by the time the product is on the download list for all the world to have on the company website, it would be a stable product. The plain fact is it’s not. The most major problem I had with it was trying to UNINSTALL it.

Did you uninstall from within Windows or did you uninstall from the Time Machine console?

I’ve done three uninstalls, all from the Time Machine console, and haven’t had an issue.

I’m curious to find out if the uninstall issues are consistently caused by uninstalling when in Windows.

Ewen :slight_smile:

you basically have to flush and fill… or try to fix the MBR. but thats my point. most people wont know that

I wonder why won’t anybody create a bootable image for restoring MBR and windows loaders seeing that many crashing posts. IMO the fix program itself will take 5 minetes (using int13 int25 if I remember correctly) to be done if you know where the real data is stored. Primitive viruses do much more job to infect the MBR so is it so difficult for COMODO profy programmers to do the trick? I’m curious.

One of CTM RCs was perfectly uninstalled from Windows (XP SP3 Home x86) here.

I have asked the dev team to look into including the facility to backup the pre-install MBR and the post-install MBR and put them onto bootable media with a utility to restore either of them. This has been included in future dev plans.

My original thought was to preserve the CTM MBR in case a utility “fixed” what it thought was a broken or non-standard MRB and, in the process of fixing, munted CTM. It would equally apply to restoring the pre-CTM install MBR.

Ewen :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve yet to try the latest version.

EDIT: WITH PREVIOUS VERSIONS: I’ve had issues with uninstall in the past myself and that was with the CTM uninstaller. Particuarly an issue if I don’t protect both drives on my system. It uninstalls findin windows itself and then runs into issues on reboot… Maybe the uninstaller should only work from bootup or something.

Anyway, looking forward to further development :smiley:

I’m pretty sure I used the CTM uninstaller, I usually use Revo for all of my uninstalls. I’m not computer illiterate by any means but I certainly don’t know the COMODO software inside and out like you guys do either, so anything I can do to help you guys I’d be happy to do.