Reading & sending an encrypted mail from BlackBerry Internet Service [ANSWERED]

Is there a chance to read my inbox from both Outlook and my Blackberry? I mean to read new emails sent to me encrypted by other users of my confidence which use SecureMail also. I have the Blackberry Internet Service service which allows me to see my mailbox on both the mobile phone and the PC with SecureMail installed .

If there is such a possibility, what do I need to do for reading and sending from the phone? Or at least for read only.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

To do this you would need to use email client capable of reading secure email in the Blackberry. The standard client will pbably do this. Then you need to install your CSE certificates in the email client Blackberry. To do this you will need to export them from CSE, set up a file link to the blackberry, copy them to the blackberry and then install them in the email client. This will only work if the Blackberry certs use the same format - but Iā€™m guessing they do - this sort of thing has to be standardised.

Please report back if this works.

Re export see CSE Certificate Documentation: Comodo Help. You need the certificate manager button.