Reading cbu file failed with code 116

Hi There,

Re: Comodo Backup V4.4.1.23.

I’m attempting to restore a “Disk, Partitions and MBR”
backup. The backup is split into 700MB files.
Maximum compression was used during backup.
There are 134 cbu files with a total of 91.2 GB data
in the backup file set.

As soon as I attempt to open the first file, named:

I get the error:
Please select a valid backup file to restore

and the log file:
contains the lines:

[04.09.2016 12:15:18:833|Th00001a5c|LN013072|__internReadBackupFooterFromSpecificCBUFile] Reading cbu file failed with code 116
[04.09.2016 12:15:18:878|Th00001a5c|LN014275|ReadBackupHeaderAndFooterForSpecificSnapshot] Can’t read footer because 116
[04.09.2016 12:15:18:878|Th00001a5c|LN029286|OpenExistingBackupForOffsetRead] Reading backup header failed because 116
[04.09.2016 12:15:18:879|Th00001a5c|LN021512|OpenExistingBackup] Opening backup for offset read failed with code 116
[04.09.2016 12:15:18:879|Th00001a5c|LN000519|_BACKUP_RESTORE::SetInitializationInformation] Opening I:\SUBFR01\DATA\Desktop\HDDBottom\0\Disk_1_inc_disk.cbu error 116

Can anyone shed some light on this please?
Is there likely to be a fix for this issue?
I’d like to get my data back…

Thanks for you time. CBU1.