reader_s virus

Sorry if this has info on it elsewhere…

This isn’t really even info on it, in this topic, just asking if anyone else has run into this.
I recently did, and it SERIOUSLY ■■■■■■■ my system.
At the time, I had not even heard of comodo ( eh, sorry guys ?) so I installed avast ( as a result of noticing the “new” process in my process list [ using systree++], and researching it enough to see that it was a virus)
By the way, this is a work computer, not my own - and it came to me with no AV on it.
So when avast needed to reboot to complete the installation, that was it - could never get logged in again, under any account - not in safe mode, not in directory services mode, nothing !

Anyway, the point of this topic being to see if other users here know where that stupid thing came from ( reader_s) and to see if there’s information on how it imposes itself upon the system.

There seems to be good information about what it does here:

Here is ThreatExpert’s take on this file.
It is commonly associated with the W32.Virut Virus, so you may have other infections.