read this thread at the Wilders Forum



Hi Melih,

Please read this thread at the Wilders Forum

I don’t agree with the poster. I think all the threads are corrected replied here.
Perhaps he didn’t understand the replies.




I wonder which post of his did not get answered?

As everyone knows, our forum prides itself as being one of the most friendly, quick, helpful and knowledgable forums that exist on Internet.


To: Peter2150;_ab
Re: someone ever get a decent reply in Comodo forums?


This was brought to our attention over in the Comodo forums where I moderate.
My apologies to all concerned, a combination of our forum software and a moderator “cleaning things up” combined to create an issue where moved posts didn’t receive their “moved” placeholder/linkage which would have directed you to your original posting.
If you ever have questions about anything over in the Comodo forums, please feel free to either start a thread or IM a mod to look into it for you.
We run a open forum and are there to help.
Thank you,


I posted to that thread the same day in the wilders forums and FTR the original poster would not say what his problem was or what use he posted under in the COMODO Forums



If that is the case then maybe he didn’t want to be helped ;D

Heh. Just some disgruntled competitor who tried to smear Comodo :slight_smile: