Before creating a new wish request be sure to read through the following items.

[ol]- Make sure wish has not already been submitted:
Before creating a new wish request please first make sure that someone has not already requested the same thing. Requests which have already been forwarded to the developers can be found in this section. Wishes which have already been created, but are still waiting for voting, can be found in this section. If a wish has already been created you do not need to create a new request.

  • One wish per topic:
    Only put one wish per topic. If you have multiple wishes, and none have already been requested, create a separate topic for each wish. This is necessary for tracking purposes.

  • Make Title Of Topic As Descriptive As Possible:
    Making the title as descriptive of the wish as possible will make it easier for other members to more easily understand your wish, and make it more likely that they will vote for it.

[li]When Creating Wish Use Required Format:
Please see this post. Make sure that you use that format in the first post of your Wish Request.[/ol]


Wish requests that do not respect the required format will not be forwarded to the “Waiting Area” section.
Additionally, wish requests that do not comply with the required format will be moved to the “Added/Rejected Wishes” section temporarily if later edited and signaled to a moderator (PM/Reply), else permanently.

Note that additional information may be requested by the processing moderator.

Thank you for your understanding.

Word of advice

Please realise that wish requests should be made more appealing. Other users are reading and it gets forwarded to employees given enough votes. Sometimes it’s really hard to guess what’s going on and what needs to be improved. A moderator is also dedicating free time, with no real benefits, when reading and handling reports. Please try to be more respectful when writing such requests. Quality arguments, illustrations over quantity.
Keep it simple & do not mess with post formatting unless you really have to.

Each wish request should be filled with required format. Sooner or later, this format gets utilized by employees and moderators. It’s inevitable! Stop ignoring it. You are just wasting time. Each section from the required format is needed.

Occasionally, requests are analyzed and number of votes is inspected. You will need to attach a poll with a very descriptive title or question. Please do not forget that number of votes is checked. That means that you do not need complex answers that induce even more confusion. There should be agreement, disagreement and neutrality. Keep in mind that English is not everyone’s native language.

By following such guidelines you are helping yourself and everyone else.