Reactivate Interprocess Memory Accesses


I have a problem in this netbook since CIS 3.5 and still persists on CIS 4.

It’s a Samsung netbook, and there is a Samsung file (PerformanceManager.exe) that is constantly trying to access memory of “cfp.exe” and being blocked.

I’ve added “PerformanceManager.exe” to My Own Safe Files, as well as defined it as a Trusted Application in Computer Security Policy, without results.

So only solution till now was deactivate Interprocess Memory Accesses in Monitoring Settings, since the constant blocks help my battery to run down much faster.

Any help resolving this item would be much appreciated, I do safe browsing and this system is clean, but no doubt would feel a lot safer if Interprocess Memory Accesses were activated.

For the rest, no problem at all and Comodo Firewall persists being a splendid piece of software which one only can be grateful. :-TU

Thanks and please excuse my mediocre English :slight_smile:

(No problem on sending logs, PerformanceManager.exe or other, if required)

Try finding Performancemanager.exe in Computer security policy, right click it and go to Edit. Then tick the custom policy check box and click on the blue access rights and set inter process memory accesses to ask or allow.


Hi Shaun and thank you for quick response.

I tried that before turning the policy to Trusted Application. Didn’t work. Gone back to that policy anyway…

Any other suggestions?



Forgot to mention in first post that this blocking was automatic, and even when configured to “Ask” in “Computer Security Policy”, never pop-up a window asking to access cfp.exe in memory.

After burning my brain around Defense+ and shame on me how it took so long to get it right, I just want to share how I did it and the simple it was.

Since it’s a file I must trust, in “Computer Security Policy” added PerformanceManager.exe to “Windows System Applications” group, editing the “My File Groups” window. And that’s it.

“Interprocess Memory Accesses” is now back enabled and PerformanceManager.exe is no longer being automatically blocked by cfp.exe in Safe Mode, neither in Paranoid Mode.

And since it was the only suspicious attempt I continuously had being blocked, now there’s none.

Needless to say, if this happened with any other file from any untrusted software, I would never resolve it this way. Hope I did right.

Thank You


Try the following. Edit the rule for the Comodo Internet Security in Computer Security Policy. Go to Protection Settings → and add PerformanceManager.exe to the exceptions.

That should do the trick.

Hi EricJH! :slight_smile:

Sorry I took so long, but since I got it to work with no more blocks, didn’t expected there were more answers to this topic.

Yes! Just removed PerformanceManager.exe from Windows System Applications group and followed your instructions, really done the trick, thank you so much! :-La

Never occurred to me messing with Protection Settings, as I thought it should remain as it is by default… Your solution is much more simpler, thanks once again, :-TU