Re: 'Why is CIS 5.8 scanning after installing?'

Why is CIS 5.8 scanning after installing?

For me it did this even though there was no database (despite default “automatically update before scanning” setting). Is there much point in that?

Hi Pete,
What do you mean no DB, it gets added/updated during install process?

I suppose it shouild but I’m still waiting for the first update to finish (I’m on a slow connection) and I canned the scan hours ago.

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Even without a DB it could still do various scans e.g. Heuristics scanning.

I agree but is that the intention or is it a bug?

IMO I would say the scanner scans to the best of its ability with the resources available including the DB or lack of, would be intended but that is only my opinion.

It is a shortcoming in my view. Not sure whether to categorise this as suitable for a bug report or for the wish list. :-\

I got this problem too. I installed CIS on my XP SP3. After the installation and requested system reboot, CIS came up scanning instead of updating.

I am intending to use the latest copy of Bases.cav in my current v5.5
and copy that into the new v5.8 after installation and before protection sets in upon reboot.

Worked for me in the past with previous upgrades.
What are my chances this time ?


V 5.8 has new more compact storage format.

I am not sure what the final version would do with that. During the development of 5.8 the format was changed and it could convert from the old to the new format after updating with the program updater. I don’t know if that functionality is still present in the final version.

It is up to you. You can take the chance and see what happens.


I have recently started using VirtualBox,
I will try it both ways in that before I decide how to play it on my Real system


[quote author=pc_pete link=topic=77400.msg553579#msg553579 date=1318475394]
Why is CIS 5.8 scanning after installing?

I think, CIS upload unknown files in the cloud