Re: We need your Testimonials about our products starting with our Firewall

Hey Melih,

Tenebril also have Trust Toolbar listed as a browser hijack. I’ve sent the text below to their support guys, so hopefully they’ll contact you guys about it.

I noticed that you’ve listed Comodo’s Trust Toolbar as a browser hijack. It might be an idea to get in contact with Comodo about this, as most spyware apps are withdrawing Trust Toolbar from the databases. The Trust Toolbar operates in a similar manner to the Netcraft site verification toolbar. It has been reviewed ay PC Magazine - URL is :,aid,120501,00.asp

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Ewen :slight_smile:

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I for one cannot say one bad thing about the Comodo firewall, it has worked EXTREMELY well with all my programs which I cannot say about any other firewall i’ve used. I do in fact go to different sites to test my firewall and Comodo was the only one that has passed. It is more like a part of my computer than just a program, I look for that little symbol every time my Operating System loads up and I think “I love that shield”. Which in fact , Comodo loads far faster than Zone Alarm or any other which I really give credit since CPF is a FULL version unlike the others. And FREE! I have had no install\uninstall problems, it blocks what I want it to block, easy to use and configure, pleasant to look at, I could keep going on…but will sum it up to , Comodo Firewall is simply the best out there!

I also love Comodo Anti Spam, it actually works and keeps away what I don’t want in my inbox. The interface is great, easy to configure and I no longer have to tolerate spam. Also FREE. My wife has an old account that recieves spam and more spam, I set up Comodo AntiSpam and she no longer worries about it, and with 7 email accounts, it’s a lifesaver!

Comodo Backup is another one I use, excellent and fast , worry free backup utility with exactly what I need. I can back up to my media, my hard drive, USB , etc…I used to back up everything individually trying to sort files and folders, notes and documents, now one click and it’s done! The backups are solid, reliable, and restore as well. This is now my #1 backup utility. And yes, it’s FREE also!!

I have never came accross any spyware, or bad keys from Comodo at all or any time. I don’t get spam from signing up, I don’t get bothered at all. I enjoy my forum time and know Comodo has my pc protected. I would say more for Comodo but feel I could never say enough.

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Comodo Firewall? I got it for free and is better than any paid-for firewall I know. …and I know them all. (:WIN)

Been using norton systemworks and personal firewall for the last 7 months or so but now use comdo AV and firewall and could not be happier such free software this good is rare, never mind the fact that i still had 4 months of subscription on norton.

Yep, the FW is excellent and is the one I now use - get it!!! But with ALL FREE anti-virus programs you get what you pay for! This is not a criticism of the Comodo AV but all free AVs. If you are serious about security, do your research and buy the top picks - some of them are surprisingly inexpensive. The top two are NOD32 and Kaspersky. Avoid Norton AV or its suite NIS 2007 like the plague. It’s expensive, bloated and not very effective. I clean a lot of peoples PCs with the security products I use and frequently find malware and other nasties on PCs that had the supposed protection of a free AV.

This post has made me worry a little. I have trust my internet security to Comodo (both the firewall and virus protection program have been installed) for some time now, are you telling me that the antivirus is offering me substandard protection? :cry:

At the moment I wouldn’t trust any free AV but then that also depends on how you surf the net. If you are careful (avoid porn, don’t reply to dodgy e-mails, click on any popup window, etc) then most AVs will suffice. However, every now and then a surprise piece of malware comes out which takes everyone by surprise.

Peace of mind is a top AV. It is quite possible that Comodo’s AV will turn out to be a top product considering the efficacy of its firewall. Unfortunately it isn’t anywhere near that yet. If you do any form of financial transaction or expose your identity via the net then a top class AV is a must.
If you’re concerned can I suggest that you try this.

  1. Download the trial version of Nod32 and run a full scan.


  1. Alternatively do the same for Kaspersky (it’s much slower)


  1. try ‘Housecall’ - an online scan from Trend Micro who produce PC Cillin.

If Internet Explorer is your browser of choice then this an absolute must. There are more security holes holes in IE than any other browser and they take a long while to fix them.

If Firefox or Opera is your browser then the risk is reduced but it’s still worth checking.
Even though I have a top AV and also Malware program I still do one of the above every month.


While most of what you say is true, free anti virus software CAN BE as good as paid for anti virus software. Conversely, some paid for anti virus software CAN BE worse than free anti virus software (quoting your good self re. Nortons. LOL).

The free version of AVG uses the same engine, DB and signature reference files as the paid version. Same with the free version of Avast.

IMHO, the real key is not to place 100% of your AV needs in one product. No AV, I don’t care who puts it out, knows everything, otherewise we’d all run that AV. A sound practice is to have one AV product installed with its real time scanner active and have a second AV product installed to do on-demand scanning to verify the on-demand and real time scanning of the first product.

Is Comodo’s free AV good enough?

V1.1, in my opinion, wasn’t up to scratch. The beta versions of V2 are soooooo close to being ready for prime time, it’s not funny. Where it differs to traditional AV products is that the “traditional” AV’s were based on a two layer architecture - detection and removal. CAVS2 BETA has added a third “outer” layer - prevention. If the infection can’t get in, you don’t need to detect it or remove it. This is a new approach for AV apps and is causing some confusion in how to accurately test the accuracy and efficiency of CAVS2, and most test suites revolve around the old detection-removal scheme.

CAVS2 BETA, combined with Comodo Firewall Pro, provides an exceptionally good security perimeter and interior defense layer. Other AVs may have more samples and signatures in their DBs, but the CFP/CAVS2 combo has so far prevented 5 trojans (unknown at the time) from entering one of the test systems. It did this without the benefit of a signature to identify it, it picked it up through its attempted ingress and its method of system attachment.

Should people run CAVS2 as their prime AV?

Not unless they are fully cognizant of what it means to run a beta software package on a production system.

Ultimately it comes down to peoples educated choice. Personally, I run CAVS2 BETA on 5 PCs at home, but they ALL have different secondary AV products installed and these are used regularly to verify CAVS2’s scans. The firewall/AV combo is currently installed on a 45 PC test lab and has performed flawlessly to date. That doesn’t mean it won’t all go to hell in a handbag tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure it won’t.

It’s really personal choice, and the more educated and better informed that choice is, the better it will be.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S> All ofthe AV products mentioned in your previous posts are top quality AVs.

Thanks Panic and Wal for you informative posts, now i’ve got the info, i can make an informed choice.

(:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)
So far I am fully satisfied with Comodo Firewall Pro (J) I at one time was using the CAVS (probably ver 1) and had some issues with it, I am waiting for the new version to leave ‘beta’ stage and will be giving it a shot. Currently I run Avast, and can say with great thanks to both Comodo forum and the Avast forum, that they are a great combination :■■■■

I have used the VE but was not impressed as it reported my ISP webmail page as risky (I use XMission) saying that it did not give proper SSL or encryption. One call to my ISP ensured me that it was the VE that was wrong and I was logged into the XMission web page ???

I am going to give the Trust Toolbar a try and see if I get better results, along with iVault and Comodo Backup.

As far as:

But with ALL FREE anti-virus programs you get what you pay for!

Maybe I am naive in my belief that there are those of us who think the net should be a safe place regardless of the instability and vunerability of the OS for most consumers, and want to do our/their best to help with those of us forced to use said OS. Would love to go Mac but waiting for AMD. (:LOV) My Avast, since getting involved with the forums to create a compatibility, has done amazing!!! Also, as far as I know, my Comodo firewall has been the Shiznizzle of any I have used (:KWL) and I am very excited for the ver 3. I have used several of the “get what you pay for” software(s) and would agree, except for the fact that I dont remeber reading on any of thier web pages about slow, sluggish performance getting worse every time I turn on my PC; or about the seemingly impossible feat to fully and completly uninstall without removing core components of the OS. My opinion of Comodo grows hogher each day, and will seriously consider leaving Avast once the CAVS is out of ‘beta’ :THNK