re: virus list [RESOLVED]

Hi wonder if anyone can help me, im running cavs version number when i click on reports and then virus list it generates all known viruses. Then when i highlight one and click find am i right in thinking it should bring up all relevant information ie how dangerousit is and how hard it is to remove, and also instructions how to remove it safely from my pc. I haven’t got a virus at present but would just like to know if im doing something wrong when i highlight a particular virus name at random and hope to see all the relevant information ive only had cavs installed approx 2 weeks any help is much appreciated thanks.

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Sorry jokeying but it is only a search function. If you know the name of a virus and type it in the box, clicking find will only find it in the list. Hopefully version 3 will have the function that you want.


Thanks for your help much appreciated. (:CLP)

Closed. :P0l