Re: virus database improvement

I have a huge problem…the Virus database update gets stuck at 30%…dissappointed

The Virus database update gets stuck at 30%…please help me soon:S

Please don’t bump a topic in less then 24 hrs.

When updating the AV database after a clean install of CIS there is a big download waiting of approx 35 MB. During this process the progress indicator will stay at 30% for a long period of time confusing many users.

So when the update is slow you will see CIS stick at 30% for a long time. How is the situation right now?

hi all.speaking about CAV and its updates what kind of treats it’s treating?did I need to install an antispyer along with CAV? what kind of infections it detects? thanks in advance 88)

CAV is made to detect and remove all types of malware. How ever it wont hurt to intall something like MalwareBytes and/or antispyer for on deman scanning.

True Omelet Guy, installing MBAM or other won’t impede but patience is a virtue, and many haven’t this unfortunately, CIS will put Antivirus to date now at DB 1542 as of 5:00 PM Eastern so simply ride with it and let it flow.
Xman :-TU

hi Xman.i readed your post and I understood that it’s usefull to have an antispyer along with CIS. Is that corect? or is it enough just CIS alone ? (sorry for my english)

It’s never a bad idea to have a second opinion. I have yet to see any proof that Comodo isn’t capable of keeping my system safe all by itself, but I still run scans using MBAM, SAS, and Avira.

It takes a while, but the database DL will jump from 30% to 51% in time, then steadily (but still slow) climb till completed.