Re: V-Engine released

I will test this out and report back. Thanks, vadym

Hi Guys,

The new one is working fine with Firefox. It was simple reinstallation over the existing one.
The release notes in general are stating changes for Vista and x64, but anyway I decided to report for my configuration.

Fixed - Web pages logo is verified if it's set as background image of the html element
Can you please provide an example link to test this?

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P.S. Still no luck with IE7 as reported few times. That stopped working since as I remember and was posted into the forum. That is not a big problem for me personally. I am not using IE, but Vengine should work anyway as declared

I tested this out using IE8. It is working properly. I can see the green border again.
Thank you.

Hi John,

Thank you for pointing that. That is good to know.

At the same time it would be highly appreciated if IE7 problem will be addressed by developers.
It is not time yet for everybody for installing IE8. It has issues. One of them is immunization / restricted zones, etc. Many users are reporting downgrades to IE7 just because of that. There are still other bugs.

But again it’s nice that “green borders” are in place with IE8

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Hey, did you get the message that says you’re using an unsupported version of Internet Explorer? I’m on IE8 and the installer is giving me that messag so I’m holding off for now. I’m using Windows Vista Business 32 bit with IE8 and all Windows updates installed. Aside from the usual (Flash, Java, and Silverlight), the only IE extension I have installed is Comodo Hopsurf.

Hi lucienium.
It’s OK that you are getting that warning.
VE doesn’t have one feature in IE8. The feature that VE has in other versions is:
When you open https web page, browsers show security padlock.
When you move the mouse over the security padlock of IE then VE shows it’s large padlock with full information about the certificate.
In IE8 this padlock is shown only once when https web page is loaded.
We’ll try to fix that in next version.

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Hi SiberLynx.

Here is one of the URLs that has a Logo image set as background image of html element:

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Hi Vadym,

Thank you for reply
I got the cursor pointer trail to “This site has a poor reputation” and the green border.
But that’s happening only once, meaning that subsequent hovering over the logo will not produce the effect. I have to close the page (tab) and go to the site again.
That is different compare to hovering over the logo on “normal” page.

Is that by design and should be considered as correct behavior?

I may add that WOT Add-on is installed and Fox shows the warning bar …
if such info is important and relevant

Thanks again

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