Re: Unable to delete registry entries

I found 1 question regarding this but it was over 120 days old so it suggested I start a new topic.
My first clean said “19 errors not deleted, some keys are in use”. How do I go about fixing these errors? This is a new computer with Vista 32 bit on it and I have had several problems already, included the dreaded blue screen twice. Any suggestions? Thanks :-\

also, I have no help files on the misc. screen. I can click but it does nothing.


If you don’t have help files in the misc. screen, you must be using CSC 2 Beta. At this stage ( beta ) CSC 2 is for testing and feedback purposes, as it is still work in progress. Thank you for bringing that fact to our attention. We will analyze your feedback and fix the problems in the future releases.

Thank you for your support.