Re: Please feel free to ask any questions to learn all about Computer Security. 2

This is Kris, I am very new to Comodo and have had 2 virus storms come in on my Dell Laptop on March 1 and March 16 2009. I have used the Comodo scan and need help removing the virus in the C drive . I believe that where the virus is… I looked at the history on scannng ,It says remove success and detect success… It would be helpful if I could find a toll free phone number to call or have someone call me as this is important to remove the virus storms at immediatly please. sorry I just dont know much about computers …
Kris( bootcampdiva)…Thank you in advance for allowing me to post I just beside my self of what to do…

Hey Kris, welcome to the Comodo forums :slight_smile:

Have you tried this, by any chance?

This should remove any viruses/malware you have on your computer.

Please post back here with the results, including the HijackThis log, when you’re finished :slight_smile:

I can have a go at analysing the log when you’ve posted it if you want, but I’m not an expert at analysing logs, so you might want to wait for someone who is :wink:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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