re-occuring alerts

First post here.

Please forgive me if the post is a bit odd, it’s late, but this has been annoying me for a while.

I’m having a minor problem with alerts.

I get an alert about a program I use all the time, KMPlayer for instance.

I know this program is safe, so I click the ‘Always trust this file or package’ box.

However, when I shut the program down and re-open it at a later time, what happens but I get exactly the same alert.

So I go through the motions, click the box that says this package is safe and so on, but it happens again and again.

Granted, the ‘security considerations’ state that it’s not digitally signed and can’t be trusted, but noramlly if you tell comodo that it’s all right, it stops throwing alerts at you.

What do I need to do to fix/stop this from happening?

Hi Micharus, welcome to the forums.

What sort of alerts are you getting with KMP? Open any event log, press the More button (this calls CIS’s external log viewer). Select Current Month (under the menu bar) and Alerts Displayed (log type). Make the columns and window bigger to show more of the details, and post a screen shot here. Thanks.

Also please confirm which version of CIS you have and what Mode the Firewall and Defense+ are currently set to, thanks.

As requested, incoming screen shot of the log, also screen shot telling exactly the version I have.

On that note, said problem has only been occurring since the last program update.

Firewall and Defense + are both set on ‘Safe Mode’, which I believe is the default setting.

Click the link to see log. Linked because it’s BIG.

Hmm thought this was solved.

Is KMplayer on the hard disk?

If you make this an installer/updater in D+ rules, that will fix it. If you do this you must never use KMplayer to run any unrecognised executables, even inadvertently.

[Edit: this is probably too much of a risk as KMPlayer is an internet facing app, and could be used to run code via some exploit or other, but up to you - the installer/updater policy effectively all cIS protection from KMPlayer and most from anything KMplayer runs. Unfortunately it may be your only option to remove the alerts.]

Best wishes


The problem seems to have fixed itself… after I set the ports to ‘stealth for everyone’ or the third setting in the stealth ports wizard.

Why it has stopped throwing alerts at me after doing that, I have no idea.

I previously used Zone Alarm (hope that’s not a dirty word here) which has that set as standard, but I ditched it after it started to mess with my downloads due to a new feature.

I’m happy with CIS so far, it’s been pretty painless to use and that’s what I’m after.

edit: I’m stupid… installed another movie player the other night, which made me restart the computer after installing.

Now, I’m not sure if Comodo requires a restart after it installs or not, there was no message asking for a restart or not that I saw, but the restart I did for the movie player may have been what Comodo needed to start functioning properly.

It is wise to reboot, even if CIS does not ask. CIS did not ask me either last time, dunno why.

I’ll assume solved then ATM