Re: Mellih, please read it. About my sadness using CIS7 [Off topic split]

A minor Complaint I have is with the Website filtering it doesn’t seem like it is comodo’s primary focus so well see what changes in the next version. As there have been a lot of issues with it blocked safe sites such as (Avira Antivirus website) and it hasn’t been updated in months…

Hi Netguy101,
The following link works OK.

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The only reason CIS’s web filter isn’t blocking Download Security Software for Windows, Mac, Android & iOS | Avira Antivirus is because it can’t block https. That is pretty sad that, one, it would block avira in the first place and, two, they wouldn’t unblock it after all of this time.

I don’t know what will become of this blocker in the next CIS release since Comodo hasn’t updated it in months. They might get rid of it altogether and make it so that users can manually put site they want blocked rather than Comodo making a site blacklist.

It’s pretty odd that Avira’s website is marked as a phishing site, who at Comodo makes these definitions? I’m pretty sure siteinspector doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

It appears to be only the index page with the blocking issue, could be an unforeseen reason.
I am not jumping to any conclusions as I do not know why.

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Still that doesn’t explain Comodo’s lack of web filtering updates.

Hi Netguy101,
I will leave that question for Staff to respond. :wink:

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This probably explains the lack of webfiltering updates, Comodo is trying to put filtering in Privdog, probably they will remove it from CIS.” still being blocked.
Seems to be a useless feature without maintainence for CIS. Then why add it in the first place :-TD
I’ll go ahead to disable the website filtering feature.