Re-issue certificate


Just a quick question that someone here hopefully can answer.

If I have bought and issued email certificates for a number of users and a user accidentally deletes his certificates or his computer crashes, can I as an administrator:

  1. Re-issue his certificate to his new computer?
  2. In that case, will it be the same certificate so that he still can read mail encrypted before the crash?

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  1. No. It will be a new certificate and he’ll need to ask his contacts to update the certificate they have for him.
  2. No, Comodo never sees the private key for the certificate so the user can’t have the same certificate back. It is the responsibility of the user/corporation to back up the user’s certificate with its private key.

Do these answer your questions?

Yes, thanks alot!

Another thing while i’m at it: How do I keep track of all the certificates expiration dates? I would of course like to renew them before they expire…


First time poster at the forum.

I have had a similar problem; I had my office computer formatted and reinstalled with Windows 8. I forgot to take a backup of the free email certificate and I dont remember registering a code to revoke the certificate.

Now I want to setup a new certificate for my office email address, but it says a certificate has already been issued for this address.

Please help! :embarassed:


Check out the email certificate FAQ at:,128,96