re-enabling global hook

Hello, Im new here, just installed the firewall yesterday. I like Comodo, but I have a problem, my fault really. I was launching a game( Skyrim) and Comodo said it was trying to install ‘global hook’ and that it might be malicious. Without thinking first, I blocked it and now, the game runs, but I cant use the keyboad.

Ive been up and down and all around the program to see where you can re-enable blocked items but I dont see it anywhere. Could someone point me to where and how I can unblock global hook?

Hi Bimeo,

Go to Defense+ > Computer Security Policy > Defense+ Rules, you should find a rule for Skyrim.exe, right click on it > edit > customize > Windows/WinEvent Hooks > click on allow > ok > Apply > ok.

This way you’ll undo the mistakenly blocking.

Thank you so much, that took care of the problem. This will help me in the future next time I click without thinking.

Very helpful forum, thanks again!