Re: COMODO System Cleaner 2.0.111095.7 Public Release BUG REPORTS

Comodo System Cleaner killed my system

Win7RC1-32. Scanned registry, disk, and privacy and selected removal of all found during the scans. Rebooted and got black screen. Eventually got logged on through several logon attempts and received an error that event notification system error prevented logon.

Repeated twice with same result.

Restored backup of CSC changes and everything was fixed.

This is a horrible result and not only am I (obviously) removing this POS but everything else from Comodo. And I don’t think I’ll be trying anything else from this company again. Ever.

Why get so angry when you are running an operating system that hasn’t been officially released yet? ???

If there weren’t people like him, there would be nothing wrong with the world. Can you image that? I don’t even want to :slight_smile: And how come that there isn’t any other comment like his in this topic? Is it because nobody else is using that kind of OS with CSC? I don’t think so. I bet that this guy can’t even install a stable OS on any PC/Notebook. If every OS of that kind would produce the same result by all the users with CSC, you could be sure, that more comments like this would here exist. It’s just so lame that there are so many wannabies around. I don’t say that his fully responsible for what happened to his OS, but I’m sure that he wasn’t forced to use that OS. You shouldn’t take SUCH comments too seriously.
And you know what? CSC messed up my system also. But I didn’t cry, and you know why? Because I know that I can create stable system. And I like to do it as many time as it’s necessary. I did everything for it to avoid getting any failure because of me. I even did a (let’s just say) proper error report (not just writing about some random events, like “blank screen” and some “error” messages), so that my issue could be fixed ASAP.
I can’t hardly wait till the new version gets released, because I’m courius how the systems - which I’ve installed - and CSC fit together.
Keep up the good work! And don’t forget to get sure that you have taken enough care about my previously written comments before releasing the upcomming version :stuck_out_tongue:


You are using the RC of Windows 7, And hasn’t been released yet (Windows 7 officially launches 22nd of October).

I also invite you to be more civilized and show some respect around here. Your name doesn’t really help either, So I also invite you to change your name, The developers and community are here to help you like other people, when people conduct them self appropriately on the forums off course.