Re: Comodo internet security Having problems with too many alerts

In counter-point to the original poster, I have to say this is the most annoying software I’ve ever used in many years.

The insessant amount of popups while doing anything - opening explorer to view a directory and having to click OK many times before it opens - installing ANY software and going thru a long list of clicking OK once again… I make sure the default “remember this action” is checked yet every time I open my game program “Empire Earth II - Art of Conquest”, I still have to answer the same series of popups (about 30).

It’s so bad I have to turn Comodo OFF so I can install or update or even play anything. Otherwise, I am 5 minutes clicking a barrage of pop ups.

I have used nearly every security software out there and Comodo is the only software that is this invasive. Why do other security suites seem to “know” when what I am doing is safe and Comodo doesn’t?

This also makes me wonder just how well it is written, if it canot make ANY decisions on its own (as other software does).

I’m seriously going to keep score of single posters that cannot find a way to ask for help, but do find a thread in which to complain.

That’s 2

Instead of being UN-helpful and simply making a flippant remark, why don’t you suggest then how I am incorrect in my experience with this software and perhaps I would LEARN something new?

In your reply I see nothing pertaining to solving the issue at all. I did read the FAQs about setting popups to auto-deny and setting a parental password, etc. This is not helpful. To simply deny every program I run (so they cannot run correctly) does not solve my problem.

Is Comodo written well enough to offer me another solution?

I suppose you can count this as post #3. :slight_smile:

Yes that’s 3 :slight_smile:

If you’d care to open a thread asking for help in the relevant forum Help - CIS I’m sure we can provide you with some answers.

When opening a thread please post details of the problem you have with any relevant screen shots regarding the event

Hi jman & Welcome to the forums.

The forum community is here to help you. :slight_smile: Please open up a new thread in the above link Toggie provided (Help-CIS) With your System Information (Operating System) and Also Security Software including their versions, So we can resolve the pop up issue your having.

Also with CIS post your configuration using. I will go ahead and close this thread. Once again, the Help Forum is here:

If you have any issues feel free to PM me, Whether to unlock this or not.