Re: Comodo continues to issue certificates to known Malware (OT Spit)

First, I didn’t break any rules or policy. All I did was to say someone to stop saying things I haven’t said. Being so, I believe the other user is the one breaking those rules and policies. But, ok.

Second, I used to come in here, under a different user account, sometime ago. I didn’t like how things went, and deleted it. Things seem not to be any different since then. Why? Whenever a user, in his/her right, asks COMODO how something like what has been discussed here can be happening, it seems everyone, wanting to be clarified and seeking for more in depth information, is just trying to bring down COMODO.

Its time to stop with that. It happened the same with the toolbar thing, and so many other threads. It seems that no one can ask why something is like that and not the other way around. If all that is forbidden, then go ahead and make it visible in the policies and rules board or even when we register. Otherwise, we’re free to express and ask what we feel should be expressed and/or asked, without being rude to anybody.

I was never rude towards anyone. I merely defended myself, when some user starts to say things I haven’t said so. I invite everyone to read my posts and come to their own conclusion.

Perhaps, this sort of lecture should go towards that user and not me?

All I ever asked to Melih, and not that user, was how something like what has been discussed here, could be happening. Melih knows I didn’t strictly targeted COMODO. I always mentioned it was an issue among all CAs. Melih explained it to me. I got clarified.

But, it seems this user as nothing more useful to do than being misleading people to believe I was bashing and bringing down COMODO, when it was not the case.


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Yea, I know… you feel attacked, violated, oppressed, etc… you can be judged by the whole world on your posts, etc. Well, in that case, do yourself a big favor & don’t delete your account this time (that makes it almost impossible for normal members to find your previous posts). But, actually I was warning you against trolling. You’re provoking Endymion and you have him at a distinct disadvantage. He doesn’t know who you are. I do. Desist please, final warning.

PS My apparent threat is empty (directly) of course. I’ve posted in this topic & I can’t really “Moderate” it myself. I’m warning you that I will refer you to other Mods for review & action.

No, I don’t feel attacked, violated or oppressed.

Trolling? Please, explain. Provoking Endymion? Please, explain. All I did was defend my self against someone saying that I said something that I haven’t said so. Looking from this perspective, Endymion is the one who provoked me. I see moderators take sides here. Great way of moderating, indeed.

And, what disadvantage is that of his? And, what advantage is that of mine, exactly?

You say he doesn’t know me… Do I know him? No.

And, you’re warning me of what? To stop defending myself when someone states I said something I clealy haven’t? Don’t I have the right to defend myself when someone does something like that? Wouldn’t you have that same right, if I started to say that you things you don’t say?

If there’s one thing I enjoy having is respect. If others respect me, I’ll respect them as well.
What about those who don’t agree with what I write, stop saying I said something that I didn’t? Better yet, don’t even reply to my posts. No one says someone said something they didn’t say, etc. That way everybody’s happy.

Thanks for your time

Sorry, perhaps I was not clear. If you continue (like this), I will accuse you of trolling and ask for a review of all your posts, including those you subsequently deleted before you deleted the account.

I see. After researching a while I found what you mean by trolling:

In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response[1] or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.[2]

I do agree that my last posts were - and, also this one, but only because I’m answering to you - off-topic, but also because I was answering to someone else. I won’t be repeating myself to explain the reason why again. But, that’s all that was, off-topic to defend myself. I don’t admit people saying that I said something, while there are plenty proves I haven’t.

What posts, before I deleted my account? What account? I know which… but, to what account do you refer? It seems like you know, yet, do you? How? IP? Does one IP really tell you that’s the same person? Have you ever heard of dymanic IPs? That means that the IP I’m using now, as soon as I disconnect will be available to someone else, and I’ll be using a new IP, which previously has been used by someone else. Does it make the person (machine) that was this new IP me?

Anyway… Over and out. Done with this. Any further doubts, etc., PM me, so that I’m not acused of trolling due to posting off-topic posts.

Yes, I have heard of dynamic IPs before. But, that is not what solely identifies you to me. It does, of course, help a lot in narrowing down the data.

Do you still assert that you’ve never posted here before under different accounts?

Is the OP discussion finished now? Just wondering If I should keep checking back. :P0l

I’m not sure though if common courtesies and the policy itself can be disregarded although apparently interpretations are part of the problem.

If anybody wonders about someone saying somebody else said something someone didn’t, I’ve already addressed this riddle lookalike but as I gather that reply was not enough, with the consequence of hampering the original topic with OT.

Endymion, since the very beginning of your posts towards me, you make it sound like I started to write in the respective thread just to bash COMODO, or whatever you think I had in mind to do.

I only asked Melih how is it possible for CAs, and not COMODO, but since COMODO is also a CA, then I took the liberty of asking something to very same company that develops the firewall I use. I thought I’d get a straight answer.

Melih answered me. End of it. Period. Give it a rest and go have some fun.

Thanks for your time.

br0k3n I didn’t get a clue about what you thought until you started this one-sided quarrel but I’m starting to understand your approach.